Ground Truth

Small-Town Newspaper Gets It Right

October 30, 2017 — A pitched battle is underway over how to interpret this summer’s wildfires on federal lands, which wafted thick layers of smoke into urbanized areas around the West. How that battle ends will have seriousMore

Study: Murrelet Decline Continues

October 27, 2017 — Marbled murrelets, the diminutive seabirds that fly inland to lay eggs high in the crooks of old-growth Northwest forests, will likely go extinct in Oregon in coming years if no action is taken toMore

Drone Oversight

October 24, 2017 — Fall Creek flows through the Cascade Mountain foothills in Oregon’s Willamette National Forest. It’s a lovely stream and a popular getaway for residents of nearby Eugene, where FSEEE is headquartered. On August 10, lightningMore

Activists Outline Science of Wildfires to Senate

October 20, 2017 — This has been a notable year for wildfires, with smoke clogging urban areas of the West and the federal government spending well over $2 billion trying to stop the flames. Homes—and lives—have been lost.More

Battle Over Wolf Creek Continues

October 16, 2017 — A three-decade battle over an upscale resort community that a Texas billionaire wants to build high in the Colorado Rockies isn’t over yet. B.J. “Red” McCombs has long sought permission to construct the massiveMore

Ousted Montana District Ranger Gets His Post Back

October 13, 2017 — A Forest Service district ranger in Montana who had been reassigned after tussling with local landowners over access to national forest land will get his job back after an internal review, according to aMore

Videos Show Aftermath of “Catastrophic” Wildfire

October 10, 2017 — On September 26, federal firefighting managers boarded a helicopter and embarked on a flyover of the Chetco Bar Fire in southwestern Oregon, which at one point this summer was considered the top-priority wildfire inMore