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It’s Called “Lying by Omission”

April 26, 2018 — On Tuesday, Vicki Christiansen made her first Hill appearance as Forest Service chief, albeit with an “interim” asterisk. Her written testimony focused on fire funding and “active forest management,” aka, logging: The funding andMore

With Tooke Gone, Who Will Be the Next Chief?

March 8, 2018 — With the Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service all without permanent directors, it’s anyone’s guess when the Forest Service can expect a new chief to replace the retiredMore

Firefighters and Cops Win in FY 2019 Budget

February 12, 2018 — You know the authoritarians are in charge when firefighters and cops get more money and everyone else gets less. That’s the bottom line in Trump’s FY 2019 Forest Service budget, which was released earlierMore

A Tongass Travesty

February 1, 2018 — At 17 million acres, the Tongass is America’s largest national forest. Its 19 wilderness areas and two national monuments draw a million cruise-ship visitors annually, employing more than 7,400 recreation industry workers, and provide habitat that supports another 4,300 fisheries jobs. Together,More

A Bundy Bungling

January 17, 2018 — Cliven Bundy is a free man. His cattle are free to roam the public estate. More than $1 million in unpaid grazing fees remains unpaid. The self-styled militia crowd is emboldened. Public land managersMore

Why Are the Forests Closed?

December 18, 2017 — Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers had better be ready for a lot of detours in Oregon this summer. In November and December, after fire season-ending rain and snowstorms, the Forest Service issued orders closing threeMore

Go Ahead: Move the Forest Service to Interior

October 6, 2017 — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has made no secret of his desire to acquire the U.S. Forest Service from the Department of Agriculture. Zinke’s zeal for restoring the Forest Service to Interior, where during itsMore

“Gardening” Our Forests Not the Answer

September 26, 2017 — This summer was exceptionally hot and dry throughout much of the West, and those conditions, unsurprisingly, led to an abundance of wildfires. More than 8.5 million acres have burned across the nation, well aboveMore

FSEEE Calls Out Lawmaker for Backing Bad Bill

September 1, 2017 — There’s certainly no shortage of bad bills being considered in Congress right now. This is a dangerous time for the environment, with anti-conservation forces ascendant in both chambers of Congress and in the WhiteMore