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Mexican gray wolf cubs

The Teton Range

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Posted July 15, 2020 — Urge your U.S. senators to support the ‘Protecting America’s Wilderness Act,’ HR 2546

As if 2020 Wasn’t Bad Enough Already

March 30, 2021 — The U.S. set a record that may have escaped notice at year’s end, given the distractions of an accelerating pandemic. 2020 brought a new wildfire record—10.3 million acres burned—breaking the 2015 record by 200,000More

Whitebark Pine

March 22, 2021 — In December, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposed listing whitebark pine (pinus albicaulisis) as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), nearly 30 years after protections were first proposed. Native to theMore

‘Conservation Value of National Forest Roadless Areas’

March 15, 2021 — In 2001, the Roadless Area Conservation Rule prohibited road construction and timber harvesting on more than 90,000 square miles of inventoried roadless areas (IRAs) in National Forests. Since these areas are not protected byMore

Trump’s Forest Service Legacy

March 6, 2021 — Donald J. Trump’s environmental legacy will be remembered as one of the most destructive in the nation’s history. While he and his enablers unleashed a preponderance of their environmental attacks through the Bureau ofMore

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