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Posted July 25, 2017 — Protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

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Goodbye Goats?

Federal land managers will try once again to remove hundreds of nonnative mountain goats from the Olympic Mountains in Washington, hoping to reduce damage to rare plant communities and prevent conflicts between goats andMore

Ground Truth: Dispatch

What, Me Worry?

July 20, 2017 — Yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled that the Forest Service is liable for toxic waste cleanup costs from a mining operation in New Mexico. The appeals court remanded the case back to district courtMore

Prosecutor or Referee?

July 17, 2017 — Last week, as jury selection was underway in the retrial of four men accused of brandishing weapons during the 2014 standoff between federal agents and supporters of scofflaw rancher Cliven Bundy, Attorney General JeffMore

Feds Seek Prison Terms for Bundy Backers

July 11, 2017 — Jury selection began this week as the government tries once again to secure convictions against four men who brought assault-style rifles to a 2014 standoff between federal agents and supporters of Nevada rancher ClivenMore

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