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Keep Public Lands in Public Hands!
Like you, we’ve had it with the Bundy bullies. You know the story. In early January, a ragtag bunch of gun-toting malcontents drove to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in rural Harney County, Oregon, and occupied a ...
Help FSEEE Rein In Reckless Shooting
Every year, millions of Americans flock to our National Forests to enjoy the unique peace and tranquility provided by our public lands. Increasingly, however, that serenity is shattered by the crackle of gunfire. I want to ...
Demand Real Restoration, Not Misinformation
I invite you to take a moment to reminisce about your favorite natural space. Perhaps it’s a beloved camping spot you enjoy with family, a beautiful river where you spend twilight hours casting for fish or a hiking trail ...
Keep National Forests in Public Ownership
A new era in the fight over our National Forests is upon us, and this time, the stakes could not be higher! It is the 21st century’s battle for the soul of our public lands. It is the fight to determine whether your National ...
Combat Militarization on Our National Forests
When you think of your National Forests, you probably don’t envision military jets screaming overhead, radiation-spewing mobile transmitters parked alongside public access roads or high-tech war games. Yet that’s just ...
Protecting Our Wild Waters
Like many Americans, you may have fond memories of spending the dog days of summer next to a beautiful river, lake or stream. Each summer, Americans and their families flock to the waters that course through our public lands ...
Holding BLM Accountable
The Cliven Bundy saga playing out in the national media has the FSEEE staff and board angry and frustrated. Not simply at livestock rancher Bundy, who is a racist bully and behaving accordingly, nor at the radical wackos ...

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Pacific News

Forest Service Ruling Vacated for Settlement, Los Padres National Forest at EdHat
Humboldt County gets funds to open community forest - McKay Tract forest public opening expected in 2017 after $175K grant awarded, Eureka Times-Standard

Southern News

National News

Public Land Management Criticized - GAO: Extent of Unauthorized Grazing Unknown, DTN Progressive Farmer
Land fee laws should be enforced, Citizen's Voice editorial

A disturbing thought: No one can manage wildfires anymore, HCN Writers On The Range at Abq Journal
Forest Service sets meetings on 4FRI Rim Country project - Deadline to submit comments is Aug. 11, White Mountain Independent
How I Learned to Keep the Peace at a Hippie Festival With No Rules - When 10,000 people camp out together at the Rainbow Gathering, staying groovy can be a challenge, Atlas Obscura
The Value of Street Trees, Oakland County 115 News

D.C. News

Interior Department Funding Bill Passes the House, Rep. Stewart’s Critical Provisions Included - Provisions to Prohibit National Monuments included, Congressman Stewart

Ground Truth

Sound Off
Go Away!
July 22, 2016 — If you keep knocking, eventually someone might answer. That seems to be the logic behind House Republicans’ continued attempts to wrest control of national forests and other public lands and turn it over to states and their industrial allies. Two bills before Congress would do just that. The first, the oxymoronically named “State National Forest Management Act,” was introduced last year by Alaska’s ...Read More

Rare Plant Halts Drilling
July 19, 2016 — Plans to conduct exploratory drilling for an open-pit mine in Idaho are on hold after a federal judge ruled the Forest Service failed to consider the impact drilling could have on a rare plant. U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge ordered a halt to the drilling until the Forest Service gathers more data on the Sacajawea’s bitterroot, a perennial flowering plant found only in the mountains of central Idaho. Last ...Read More

FS, BLM Fail to Document Illegal Grazing
July 15, 2016 — The frequency and extent of illegal livestock grazing on federal land is largely unknown, government investigators found, because land managers have no comprehensive system of tracking violations. A report issued by the Government Accountability Office also shows that recent high-profile standoffs with anti-government activists has hindered land managers’ efforts to regulate grazing on federal lands. In ...Read More

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Forest News - Summer 2016
Scorched: Wildland firefighting is taking a growing personal toll. Can the Forest Service ...Read More

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