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Keep Public Lands in Public Hands!
Like you, we’ve had it with the Bundy bullies. You know the story. In early January, a ragtag bunch of gun-toting malcontents drove to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in rural Harney County, Oregon, and occupied a ...
Help FSEEE Rein In Reckless Shooting
Every year, millions of Americans flock to our National Forests to enjoy the unique peace and tranquility provided by our public lands. Increasingly, however, that serenity is shattered by the crackle of gunfire. I want to ...
Demand Real Restoration, Not Misinformation
I invite you to take a moment to reminisce about your favorite natural space. Perhaps it’s a beloved camping spot you enjoy with family, a beautiful river where you spend twilight hours casting for fish or a hiking trail ...
Keep National Forests in Public Ownership
A new era in the fight over our National Forests is upon us, and this time, the stakes could not be higher! It is the 21st century’s battle for the soul of our public lands. It is the fight to determine whether your National ...
Combat Militarization on Our National Forests
When you think of your National Forests, you probably don’t envision military jets screaming overhead, radiation-spewing mobile transmitters parked alongside public access roads or high-tech war games. Yet that’s just ...
Protecting Our Wild Waters
Like many Americans, you may have fond memories of spending the dog days of summer next to a beautiful river, lake or stream. Each summer, Americans and their families flock to the waters that course through our public lands ...
Holding BLM Accountable
The Cliven Bundy saga playing out in the national media has the FSEEE staff and board angry and frustrated. Not simply at livestock rancher Bundy, who is a racist bully and behaving accordingly, nor at the radical wackos ...

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National News

Why is logging dying? Blame the market- Environmental regulations and endangered species protections are not at fault for Western logging’s decline, HCN Writers on the Range

Forest Service Makes it Easier for Visitors to Enjoy National Forests and Grasslands - Announces Steps to Modernize Recreation Permitting Process, USFS
Keep ranchers on the land, and the land stays open - Want to keep those wide-open spaces? Pick ranching over development, HCN op-ed

Eastern News

Learning from deadly 100-foot fall at Garden of the Gods at the Shawnee National Forest, WPSD

Ground Truth

Subcontractor: 4FRI Main Contractor Had No Intention To Pay
June 29, 2016 — Court documents filed last week allege that the top official for Good Earth Power, which holds the primary contract for the largest national forest restoration project ever attempted, had no intention of paying a subcontractor. Oregon-based Campbell Global, a forest management firm, is suing Good Earth Power for nearly $3 million. The two companies signed a contract in October 2013 calling for Campbell ...Read More

Conservationists Petition Oregon to Protect Murrelets
June 21, 2016 — Oregon state officials must take action to protect marbled murrelets, conservationists say, to keep the forest-nesting seabirds from sliding to extinction. In a petition filed earlier today, a half-dozen conservation groups requested that state wildlife officials change the birds’ legal status from “threatened” to “endangered” under the Oregon Endangered Species Act. They say protections afforded ...Read More

Antigovernment Movement Growing, Experts Say
June 16, 2016 — Antigovernment extremists pose a serious and growing threat to public land managers and law enforcement officers, witnesses told House Democrats at an informal hearing yesterday. The legislators organized the forum after Republican leaders on the House Natural Resources Committee refused to convene a formal hearing on the subject. Far-right anti-government organizations have proliferated since President ...Read More

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Forest News - Winter 2016
A Rebellion Reignites: How the occupation of a wildlife refuge in a remote ...Read More

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