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Environmental activist Lopi LaRoe created this Smokey Bear parody to call attention to the dangers of fracking on public lands. Visit "Sound Off" on our website to learn more about how the Forest Service is attempting to squelch LaRoe’s free speech.Fracking for natural gas is already occurring on our National Forests with minimal government regulation and oversight. The new technologies utilized in fracking have created even greater dangers for our public lands and the valuable freshwater resources they provide. It is unconscionable that the natural gas industry is able to get away with destroying our public lands legacy.

At FSEEE, we are demanding that the Forest Service hold the natural gas industry accountable for the environmental damage they cause. Please join us in asking the agency to issue drilling permits that require the use of tracers in fracking operations. Tracers will allow the government to identify those frackers responsible for environmental damage and require them to take responsibility for cleaning it up.

Contact Undersecretary of Agriculture Robert Bonnie by phone: (202) 720-7173 and let him know:

“We must hold the natural gas industry responsible for damage to our National Forests caused by fracking. Please require the use of a tracer that can identify polluters and then hold them accountable when damage occurs.”

*Click here to read more about hydrofracking on your public lands, what FSEEE is doing to protect National Forests and what you can do to help.


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