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Take Action

I’m asking for your help—right now—to stop a dangerous and environmentally damaging proposal.

The “Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2015” (H.R. 2647) would turn back the clock 30 years and bring an end to environmental protection of National Forests as we know it. The bill would end citizen oversight and usher in a new era of old-growth forest logging.

This damaging legislation has already passed the House of Representatives. Now it’s making its way through the Senate.

But here’s what is really scary. Senators who want to open your public lands to clearcutting are likely to take the bad ideas in this bill and tack them onto must-pass legislation. That’s what happened last year with the annual defense appropriations act, which included environmentally harmful add-ons.

We can’t let that happen again. That’s why I’m asking you to contact the White House and ask President Obama to tell senators this bill—all of it—is bad.

Here’s some of the mischief H.R. 2647 would do:

• Require citizens to post expensive bonds before mounting court challenges against illegal National Forest logging.

• Shift millions of dollars to local officials and direct them to spend it on logging.

• Eliminate environmental review of logging projects as big as 15,000 acres.

• End protection of Pacific Northwest old-growth forests and their fish and wildlife.

• Shovel hundreds of millions of dollars to the Forest Service to spend on expensive but ineffective firefighting programs, such as buying more air tankers to drop toxic fire retardant.

This whole effort is being orchestrated under the guise of wildfire prevention. Pro-logging interests want the public to believe fires are destroying our forests.

Hogwash. Natural fires are an essential part of a healthy forest. This bill is about destructive clearcut logging, plain and simple.

We need you to call Undersecretary of Agriculture Robert Bonnie, the federal official in charge of overseeing the Forest Service at:

(202) 720-3631

Tell him:

The “Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2015” (H.R. 2647) is dangerous legislation that threatens our National Forests. Please tell President Obama to oppose any attempt to make this disastrous legislation law.

Time is of the essence. Please, take action now!


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