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Dispatch, Ground Truth

Federal Land Good for Local Economies

The question of  whether states should be given management responsibilities for federal lands raises impassioned arguments over the best use of wide swaths of the American West. … [read more]

Dispatch, Ground Truth

GOP Lawmaker Withdraws Bill to Transfer Federal Land

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz announced last night that he will withdraw a bill that called for transferring more than 3 million acres of federal land … [read more]

Dispatch, Ground Truth

Judge Rebukes Forest Service for Allowing Helicopters in Wilderness

A federal judge has delivered a stinging rebuke to the Forest Service, ruling the agency violated the Wilderness Act by sanctioning the use of helicopters … [read more]


Study: Efforts to Control Tree-Killing Beetles Largely Ineffective

November 7, 2016 — When General George Armstrong Custer crossed the Black Hills in the summer of 1874, he noticed large swaths of dead forests. … [read more]